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Half Day Program

Our half-day program was established in 2015 and many of our students combine this with VCE dance.  This program is coached by the highly experienced faculty from Glen Iris School of Dance. It is specifically designed to allow promising students to intensify their training (in preparation for full-time training), whilst continuing with their academic studies. Entry is strictly audition only.

The Course Offers

1st and 2nd Year Half Day Program

Our half day program is structured into 1st and 2nd year.  Both year levels offer an alternative to full-time, with extended hours of practice. The 2nd Year aims to further develop each student's technique and strength, whilst additionally focusing on audition preparation.  This may involve the filming of audition material for schools, and companies around the world.  Our senior staff are well informed and are experts in helping with these applications, providing guidance for students entering pre-professional or professional dance careers.

Half Day Assessments

Our Half-Day Students have an annual assessment where they present their work to a panel of current or former professional dancers.

They are provided with written feedback and the opportunity to discuss areas of improvement. 

Over the years our students have been assessed by exceptional artists who have reached the pinnacle of classical ballet in Australia.


Glen Iris School Of Dance

Arrange An Audition

To arrange an audition contact Glen Iris School of Dance Director Amber Hobson by filling out the Contact Us form below

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