Dance Styles

Classical Ballet

Our priority at Glen Iris School of Dance is to provide a firm foundation for children to be able to adapt to any style of dance. Classical Ballet training with a teacher dedicated to their class is the best possible way that this can be achieved. It requires regular attendance and dedication. A strong technique is the platform to achieving versatility in all areas of dance.


With the introduction to ballet in the younger levels we provide age appropriate training in small classes that are structured to provide a nurturing yet ‘correct’ approach to ballet. When children reach Pre Primary or Primary level they are introduced to the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Syllabus and encouraged to attend regularly in order to work towards a ballet exam.

Classes become more structured with the goal of the exam being a wonderful aspiration for children.


As children progress thought the school they generally split into two sections. They wish to continue with their ballet exams and the hours that this requires.  Alternatively, they may wish to continue their training with a less structured approach and no exams. This becomes an option from Year 7 onwards where students can attend the ‘Open Classes Only’ program.


Contemporary dance incorporates elements of both classical ballet and modern dance. It takes its technique and use of pointe work from classical ballet, although it permits a greater range of movement than the strict body lines taught in ballet technique. Many of its concepts come from the ideas and innovations of 20th century modern dance, including floorwork, balletic movements and and turn-in of the legs.

Available to those students in Level 3 and above, including those students who are attending the ‘Open Classes Only'.


At Glen Iris School of Dance we have a strong commitment to character (or national) dance and believe it provides a wonderful introduction to different rhythms, music and dance styles.

Character is a stylised representation of a traditional folk or national dance, normally from a European country. Children wear a character skirt and character shoes over their usual leotard.

Limber / Stretching

An integral part of all dance training in order to further condition muscles in flexibility and strength. Although gentle stretching is introduced in Pre-Primary, the limber and stretching classes become a compulsory part of the program in Level 2.

Jazz, Junior & Senior

We provide both traditional jazz and funk classes, which can either stand alone or be added to your child's classical program.
We believe jazz is a great way for children to further their education in dance with a different approach required. Ballet students are encouraged in the senior levels to maintain jazz in their program as it is the antithesis of traditional ballet training and demands different types of co-ordination, flexibility and rhythm.  Articulation of the feet and legs, placement of the hips and alignment of the spine are all aspects of classical dance that have huge benefit to other other dance styles, particularly contemporary and jazz.


We also offer Tap here, tiny tots to Seniors. With emphasis on Musicality and rhythm styles it encompasses. We encourage our students to embrace all styles!

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